Die In Void

serves your ears with melodic metal

"The driving rhythm and forceful verses evoke the industrial might of Rammstein, with the vocalist's delivery echoing the signature timbre of Till Lindemann." (1)

"Mixing raw emotion with intricate melodies to create a truly unforgettable experience." (2)
"Die In Void presents a sound full of its own identity, mixing elements from alternative metal to melodic metal and powerful nu metal." (3)

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🎾 Excited to share our latest creation, 'Inside My Duality'! đŸ€˜

Unlock the gates to a realm where shadows dance with light, where echoes of the past whisper secrets untold. Stay tuned for an enigmatic journey that transcends boundaries and delves into the depths of the human psyche. Something powerful is stirring...

Die in Void

Dive into the sonic abyss with Die In Void, a musical manifestation born from the shadows of Sweden.
Conjured in 2019 by composer Mikael Hallgren, Die In Void is an enigmatic force weaving a tapestry of alternative and nu-metal. Picture a realm where haunting melodies entwine with thunderous riffs, echoing the influences of Slipknot's raw energy, the incendiary prowess of In Flames, and the emotive power of Staind.
The cryptic journey begins with Mikael Hallgren, a maestro who emerged from the eighties, crafting melodies behind a piano. In 2019, he forged an unholy alliance with four virtuosos—Billy Babcock on guitars, Jenny K Brennan on lead vocals, Robert Sobota on drums, and Luis Galvez on bass. Together, they birthed Die In Void, an entity that transcends boundaries, melting faces with a sound that resonates in the darkest corners of the soul.
As the dark symphony unfolded, 2020 ushered in a new era, marked by the arrival of Mickael Ljungdahl on guitar and Tony Hill assuming the mantle of lead vocals together with Mikael. The metamorphosis solidified Die In Void's position in the pantheon of melodic metal.
So my voiders, step into the void. Where haunting verses and searing chords intertwine, as Die In Void delivers an experience that transcends the ordinary. Embrace the darkness, for within it lies the haunting beauty of Die In Void.

Die In Void crafts a fusion of haunting melodies and thunderous riffs, blending elements of alternative and nu-metal. As we ascend in our musical journey, we're carving our path with raw emotion and unbridled energy. Die In Void is more than just a band; it's a beacon of authenticity, embracing the duality of life's struggles and triumphs. Join us as we redefine the metal landscape, one soul-stirring anthem at a time. đŸ€˜

What are people saying about Die In Void?

"Nice melodeath-metal piece with virtuoso colorful sound and powerful vocals. I enjoyed the epic chorus and overall mood."

"The instrumental is so strong and powerful."

"Vocal parts are very well performed with a distinct style. Intense, memorable, and have a smooth, creative progression."

"Well-done dark and quite atmospheric motif. Great guitar and drum sound, nice production."

"Lovely riffs and awesome drums! Adding to my list!"

"Great vocals here, reminds me a bit of some old school Stone Sour! Great mix and master."

"Well-done vocal performance when it is clean or when it is scream.. That is awesome!"

- current voiders from 2020 -

Mikael Hallgren

Sweden. Composer, producer, lyrics, keyboard, backing vocals

Robert Sobota

Switzerland, Our legendary drummer.

Mickael Ljungdahl

Sweden. Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar.

Luis Galvez

Mexico. Hammering the bass

Tony Hill

USA, Vocals

- members from the past -

Bill Babcock, USA. Guitarist on Dark Road 2019. Also mix&master engineer.
Bill Babcock, USA. Guitarist on Dark Road 2019. Also mix&master engineer.
Jenny K Brennan, Canada. Vocals on Dark Road 2019.
Jenny K Brennan, Canada. Vocals on Dark Road 2019.

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